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We're joined by Gabe for the inaugural 40 Pounds of Sports! He waxes philosophical about the World Series fanbases. Also, some words the internet "gave" us. Check it out today!

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Greatness abounds on the latest Dan And Travis Show. Take a gander, and some geese while you're at it!

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Episode one, featuring the News with Travis, Handsome Timmy D, and more!

0:00 Intro - We're back! And we chat about what was happening back in April 2005, the last time we did an episode of the old Pirate Ship (and the first time we were ever slightly less than awesome. We've had surgery to fix that)

14:12 Ask Handsome Timmy D - He's back and knows more than you than ever! Sit back, youngins, and listen as HTD fills you in on what to expect. He even finds time to give Gabe guff! Good golly!

24:58 The News With Travis! - 1) Elmo gets at the Girl Scouts 2) The Chesterfield Chimp 3) Mr. Balls from Brazil

33:20 Closing - We talk about a Cosmic Shame and how to spread the love, and we hope into the Time Machine for a blast from the past, College Style!

EDIT: The file is now an .mp3, hope this helps!

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Coming soon! Dan & Travis return to the interwaves! An all-new venture. Look for it in October, 2013.

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