The Dan and Travis Show
A weekly comedy podcast covering internet and pop culture, sports, music, and skepticism.


Hear the two test episodes Dan and Travis recorded in September 2013. On these pre-launch shows, the fellas discuss what’s happened since their last foray in internet broadcasting, both in everyone’s personal lives and in the world in general; possible names for the new venture; what segments will return and how they’ve evolved; and even some news! Completely uncut*!

Enjoy this blast from the past that you didn’t even know existed or maybe you did and didn’t care about or forgot you knew but either way it’ll be interesting we hope!

*Portions not affecting the outcome may or may not have been partially cut. Consult with a physician if persistent.


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The 14th installment of Handsome Timmy D's podcast is described by the man himself thusly:

'On Episode 14, I sit down with fellow screenwriter Mike Sundy. I met Mike last year through mutual friends at the world famous Austin Film Festival. The AFF is one of, if not the very best, festival for screenwriters. Mike tells how he used being a finalist in the AFF to improve his skills in both writing and networking. I’m happy to report Mike joins us fresh on the heels of optioning his AFF Finalist script – “Santagate.”'


Enjoy, subscribe, and tell 10 friends!

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