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Hey! This is a little overdue (apologies to Timmy D and his guest, Amy), but all winter long is a great time to adopt a pet! Tim talked to Amy Reynolds at holiday time about pet adoption. Find out more at Tim's blog:


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It's a new HTD Express! All about knitting? Yes! Tim tells you more:

"In Episode 23 of the Express, Sammi tells us all about his journey which is an inspiring reminder that creative endeavors can be a great antidote to many of life’s woes. He also has stories about who the knitting community is – hint: it’s not just the stereotype of old ladies on sofas. A lot of mold was broken when Sammi was made. He’s one of my most outspoken and unique friends and I’m delighted he took time for this very fun & informative listen."

More info at Tim's blog.

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All new HTD Express, Tim breaks it down thusly:

"Dal has also worked as a manager for years and goes into detail about the manager/screenwriter relationship. Dal is now moving to the other side of the desk becoming a director and writer himself. Having seen many changes in the business over the years, Dal gives some great observations about why this is one of the best times to be screenwriter or director in Hollywood. An invaluable and experienced source of how it works inside a production company, Dal is very generous here with his insight. This interview is helpful to screenwriters everywhere whatever their skill level. Grab a pen, take some notes and enjoy."

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A new HTD Express:

"You've seen actress Simone Bailly in "Stargate SG1", "Battlestar: Galactica" & "The L-Word." She appears in a new movie "Life Partners" which premieres this Friday in theatres. In this episode, Simone brings great insight for screenwriters about how actors approach characters. This is a great listen offering writers new angles on how to turn fake characters into real people."

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Here's Tim to tell you about the latest episode of the HTD Express:

"Have you seen those Player Piano Piano vids? The people covering songs from AKIRA & Tetris among others with classical piano? Well if you haven't you should. My friend and colleague Tom Grey is the bad-ass director producer of these projects with his equally bad-ass composer & pianist Sonya. Tom was kind enough to tell us how these amazing videos came to be and how not to let any restrictions stop when it comes to bringing your visions to life."

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HTD Express 119. Another duo! Here's what Tim has to say about this one:

"How do you write for animation? How does animation writing help prepare you for writing live-action? Is the world ready for more female action heroes? All this and more in my wicked fun & informative interview with the married screenwriting duo of Thomas Krajewski & Jennifer Muro Episode 19 of the Handsome Timmy D Express is up now. Enjoy!"

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It's a double shot Twofer Tuesday from HTD. Here's his thoughts on his talk with Gordy Hoffman, the first of two you'll see in your feed today:

"Gordy has been a huge asset to aspiring screenwriters since he launched [the] Blue Cat [Screenplay Competition] and you’ll hear why as shares some of his great insights here. Every script that enters Blue Cat gets written feedback. Gordy tells us how writers should handle and address that feedback. Gordy also tells us what a writer should be concentrating on before they enter any contest. The good news, it’s all about the writing and not marketplace dictates. If you’re an aspiring or amateur screenwriter, inside or outside LA, looking for a door to get into the business, contests like Blue Cat are a great way. Find out why here and enjoy!"

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Tim's guest on this week's Express is Rick Dominicus:

"All Hallow’s Eve is upon us soon and if you’re like me, you want to watch, rewatch or discover some horror movies this week.  To that end, I’m very excited that Rick Dominicus sat down with me this week to discuss that very subject. Rick’s been working in Hollywood for over 14 years now as a librarian, archivist and assistant editor for hit shows like “WWE Legends House,” “The League” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” An assistant editor does not get the editor their coffee and dry cleaning. The job of an AE is actually managing and organizing enormous volumes digital media making it efficiently accessible. When he’s not making editors lives easy, Rick is making his own life and his friends’ lives easier with a vast collection of movies from all over the world. Rick puts the word “cinephile” to shame and he kindly took time from his hectic workload on the reality show staple “Shark Tank” to give us a detailed guide on both iconic and hidden gem horror movies. Films from Europe, the far east and from various generations are discussed. And in the end, we transition from horror to horrifying as we delve into movies that challenge the bravest viewers from whatever time of year. A great listen for anyone looking to discover movies off the beaten path."

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This week's installment on the Handsome Timmy D Express can be described thusly (in Tim's own words):

"Finally - Stephen Scaia joins me on the Express this week to talk about writing an original comic book "Dead Squad" and how to adapt an existing graphic novel "Pax Romana". We also spend a lot of time analyzing how to take notes and how to create characters & relationships in scripts. This is a great listen for screenwriters and those interesting in screenwriting alike."

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Handsome Timmy D Express time! Here's what Tim has to say about this one:

"This week on the Handsome Timmy D Express I welcome Ron Greenfield, founder and CEO of for a lively and illuminating interview on the entertainment industry – covering a broad spectrum of topics including, How Art and Commerce Work Together in the Industry, The Art of Trailer Design and we even talk about the “classic movies” a bit. It’s a great show for everyone interested in how the entertainment business works."

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